Cleaning CHELSEA the secret of flawless hygiene at home

Are you looking for the best cleaning company in Chelsea? Are you tired of so-called “professional cleaners” that do their work poorly and your home is still dirty eventually? If you answer positively, you’re at the right place! Cleaning Chelsea is a experienced and reliable cleaning company. It has a long and successful history in the sphere of the cleaning business in the United Kingdom.

Chelsea Cleaners combine the traditional English professionalism and accuracy and the latest cleaning technologies and techniques. They are properly and carefully used by high-qualified professionals, who work hard for you. You can rely on their professionalism, accuracy and friendly behavior. Whenever your home needs cleaning, our teams will be there for you. We work 7 days a week, with no extra charge on weekends or holidays.

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Carpet Cleaning Chelsea

It’s tempting not to bother about how to clean your home perfectly or which cleaning detergent to choose for best result, isn’t it?! If you choose Cleaning Chelsea, there will be no worries for anything at all. You can be sure that we own the most effective cleaning equipment, designed for different kinds of cleaning, level of dirtiness or specific stains. You can always ask for visitation in advance, which aims to examine the level of dirtiness in your home and therefore the cleaning techniques and detergents that have to be applied. Our professionals do that with close collaboration with the client, considering his personal requirements. In this regard your health is at first place for us and that’s why we use only non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning products. They guarantee you perfectly clean and absolutely safe home.

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If you are planning to move out our End of Tenancy Cleaning is exactly for your needs - this professional service will save you so much stress and trouble. Just let our expert team into your rented house or flat and make sure that you’ll have no problems with the final inspection of the property. And your tenancy deposit is guaranteed to be in your pocket right after we finish.

Wondering how to clean the stained carpets and rugs? No more vain scrubbing and toxic detergents! Our reliable Steam and Dry Carpet Cleaning is tailored to your needs - call Cleaning Chelsea and relax! If we apply the steam high-temperature extraction or the dry special compound, the outcome will be great in both cases.

Domestic Cleaning Chelsea

If you appreciate the impeccable order and hygiene, get yourself our Regular Domestic Cleaning - thanks to this standard procedure your home will always be tidy and shiny. You will have personal and agreeable maid every day, week by week or fortnightly. Just point the right time and date for the visit and enjoy your free time. After the cleaning session your house won't just gleam, it will be a healthier living place.

Our competitive Chelsea cleaning prices really count!

Moreover, you have the brilliant chance to combine different kinds of services and get a really good discount in return. So you will not only enjoy the excellent cleanliness of your home, but you will save some money. Cleaning Chelsea offers the most competitive and fair prices. The more services you choose, the more money you save.

Grab some great discounts by combining few services! Just call us on 020 3519 2596 now!

End of Tenancy Cleaning Chelsea

Feel comfortable and happy in your home! Choose Cleaning Chelsea to do the dirty job for you! One call on 020 3519 2596 is the solution of all of your problems. The occasions when you need professional cleaning assistance are countless, so take advantage of the benefits of hiring Chelsea Cleaners. Do not hesitate and contact us! Our customer representatives will answer to all your questions and enquiries.


If you have to cancel or reschedule the service, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the cleaning appointment. Failure to contact us on time will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to £50.00. Same applies if there is no one to let the cleaners in or there is no water or electricity access.

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